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Welcome to North Border Software

Welcome to the website of North Border Software. North Border Software is run as part time project dedicated to bringing you free technology training via web based tutorials and YouTube Videos. My major focus for training is currently on Android App development, but I am adding to the general the datacoms training already available here.

Tutorial News - Kotlin

I am excited to start publishing a new set of tutorials looking at the new Kotlin programming language that is compatible with Java. Anybody new to mobile app development must take a look at Kotlin. Many professionals are now developing in Kotlin and is an easy language to pick up. Code written in Kotlin is shorter than Java and easy to read. Koltin fully supported in Android Studio 3.0 and higher.

I have new tutorial looking at the basic of Kotlin and also the VideoView.

Android and Java Development Tutorials

If you want to get a start in Android App development or you are a more experience coder wanting to explore more advanced subjects, then take a look at my free android application development tutorials page. New tutorials are being added to regularly.

If you want to get started in Android development, I have three tutorial sets dedicated to the beginner.

Tutorial set 1 comprises 27 written tutorials, each with an accompanying video. This set looks at installing Android Studio, creating  a project, XML based layouts, basic Java, android views, playing sounds and music.

Tutorial set 2 comprises 14 written tutorials, each with an accompanying video. This set looks at all aspects of data transfer and handling. Subjects covered include: transferring data between activities, shared preferences, parsing XML and JSON, saving and loading files and finishes with SQLite database creation and management.

Tutorial set 3 comprises 5 written tutorials each with an accompanying video. The set looks at processes and threads and finally looks at how to prepare your app for publication. We will look at the Alert Dialog, the AsyncTask, URLConnection, threads and how to publish an app.

More advanced subjects look at Location Base Services using the latest Google Play Services techniques, handling permissions in runtime, action bar programming and waveform synthesis.

Datacoms Tutorials and Technology Primers

Learn about the OSI stack and its relevance to today’s data networking world. I also have a tutorial on Pulse Code Modulation to accompanying the Android series looking at waveform synthesis.

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