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Installing Android Studio for Windows

Android Studio provides the programmer with the latest development environment for Android app development. Up until now Eclipse has been the traditional IDE for Java and Android apps. For me though, I will develop all new apps within Android Studio, whilst maintaining existing app with Eclipse.

First, download the Android Studio package from the following URL


Before installing Android Studio you need to download and install the Java development kit (JDK) for Windows and make sure that the Android Studio installer can see the path to the java.exe file in the /bin directory.

The Java development kit can be downloaded from the following URL


A common problem is that the Android Studio installer cannot find the path to the java.exe file. If this is the case then the following error message is generated by the Android Studio Installer.

Installing Android Studio

The following instructions will resolve this issue. After installing the JDK you will need to setup a new environment variable. Go to “control panel > system and security > system” and select “Advanced System Settings”. Click on the “Environment Variables” button. Add a new system variable with the name JAVA_HOME. Then add the path to the parent directory as the system name. The window below shows an example.


You will then need to reboot your PC to make this change take effect. After rebooting, you can then install the Android Studio and hopefully you are up and running without error.

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