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Android Application Development

Android Studio

Getting Started in Android Development - Tutorial Set 1

Tutorial set 1 focuses on project creation, Android Activities, layouts, The manifest file, views, resources, playing music and Sound.

Getting Started in Android Development - Tutorial Set 2

Tutorial set 2 focuses on data transfer and handing. It looks at transferring data between activities, shared preferences, parsing XML and JSON, saving and loading files and finishes with SQLite database creation and management.

Getting Started in Android Development - Tutorial Set 3

Tutorials set 3 focuses on processes and threads and finally looks at how to prepare your app for publication. We will look at the Alert Dialog, the AsyncTask, URLConnection, threads and how to publish an app.

Sine Wave Synthesis in Android

Android Location Based Services using the GoogleAPIClient and the FusedLocationProvider API

Android Runtime Permissions

Working with Google Maps for Android

Android Reverse Geocoding

Location Based Services Using the FusedLocationProviderClient

Android Location Services in Kotlin

Action Bar Menu

Scaling Text within and Android WebView

The Android Place Picker

Android Gestures


Kotlin Basic for Android

Technology Primers


Data Networking

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